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Looking for the latest OBD II On-Board and the Diagnostic speedometer programmer? has it in stock and for a great price.

The OBD II speedometer/odometer Diagnostic is the number one odometer programming unit sold for digital speedometer correction worldwide. The system is a high-quality tool, which offers a maximum of flexibility and working comfort in spite of the simplest operation. OBD II speedometer/odometer Diagnostic unit includes adapters and cables. OBD II odometer/speedometer Diagnostic unit reads the current reading and decodes it on the computer or PDA display. With the comfort of blue tooth technology. Connect to the obd II port and simply work from the out side of the car. If the auto carries more than one memory (Ecu’s) both can be programmed at the same time. It is self explanatory and easy to operate with a clear menu guidance. Please feel free to test drive our odometer/speedometer software at no cost. Yes our programmer runs on the world’s most used operating system Windows. Not some knock-off software like most handheld units in the market. Our odometer software is high tech with no bugs or glitches. OBD II Diagnostic Damaged or broken speedometers can be repaired contentedly and comfortably. Updated software are received through the internet New types and manufacturers can be released within seconds by telephone, no need to send the unit to us. OBD II Diagnostic can service most vehicles that are out there today. For professional odometer equipment contact the best in the speedometer industry.

New for Jprog 7:

  • Direct Programming of Asian Vehicles using same tool.
  • Cummins PCM via OBD including the new 2009′s.
  • Clear ALL DTC’s and trouble codes via OBD on GM, Ford and Chrysler (not only the codes that any $ 50 tool will do).
  • 2006 – 2021 Ram Hours via OBD.
  • 2009 Ram via OBD.
  • Bluetooth Ready.
  • PDA Compatible with Windows Mobile.
  • Most Important all software written is tested on a real vehicle, including modifications, unlike Chinese who do virtual testing without a real vehicle present.

Disadvantages of Competitor Hand Held Devices:

  • Very poor quality of displays (Like chinese tools have)
  • Limited functions of the hand held Units (have no support to common formats like JPG BMP and no space on display for Help files to be displayed, if the application requires help you have to carry a laptop with you or printed version of the help file, and it completely diminishes advantages of hand held devise)

Advantages of Jprog 7:

Because of price drops on PDA and other communication devices like Smartphones, you can now.

  • Connect to Internet (downloading new software releases if available right into your tool
  • Access to Tech Support ( Email from tool log file sending error to Tech support )
  • You can view Help files in all windows supported formats and edit them to your liking, or create your own.
  • Tt makes hardware of the tool cheaper and more reliable, due to less sensitive devices built in like (touch screen display or other type of display)

No Hand Held tool manufacturer can say that the quality of the operating system they use and quality of visual presentation is better than the visual presentation seen in Windows.

All OEM tool manufacturers have switched to Windows based PC based systems, There are countless advantages and they have all realized that.

Competitors with Hand Held Units claim that there machines are easier and faster to operate! If you can talk to them please ask them why their Hand Held Units need Help files in print or on a CD? Looks like buying a Hand Held Unit requires PC to operate!




Miles or Kilometers

Car odometer repair

Converts miles to kilometers or kilometer to miles in one simple step

Odometer tachometer

OBD II Diagnostic Specifications

The characteristics of the OBD II Diagnostic are:

Complete Chrysler, GM, FORD, and many ASIAN and European vehicles DIAGNOSTIC and DIRECT PROGRAMMER. Starting January 2008. J-prog 7 will cover German and ASIAN vehicles that having internal Networks. It will support programming through CCD, PCI, GM

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